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Peer to peer support for homeless & at risk youth.

Teens Helping Teens


My Blog


Sadly it is never enough!

Posted on August 8, 2013 at 3:39 AM Comments comments (32)
Today we distributed tons of stylish hand me downs at
 NPHY, and LOVED filling a huge bin with apples off of the tree right in our own backyard! We can never eat all of those apples and so many fall to the ground and go to waste every year. NOT THIS YEAR! Refreshing goodness for hungry youth today! We distributed about 100 lip balms, lots of toothbrushes and sun screen and some other foods, but it is NEVER ENOUGH!  It amazes me how much we are able to collect and how busy we stay sorting, cleaning and distributing! But everytime I empty out the trunk, not only does the trunk get empty but my heart feels empty again! There are so many in need, and so little I can really do. We need more teens to join our movement. Please help me spread the word and get our website out there. So much to do and school is almost here too. I wish we could put shoes on every pair of feet. Put a backpack on every homeless and poor teenager trying to go to school! I cannot do it alone. please, add us to your social media sites and JOIN THE MOVEMENT!

Inspiration and need every single day!

Posted on July 1, 2013 at 4:25 AM Comments comments (29)
I am so blessed, but every single day, even when I least expect it, I meet someone amazing. Someone so strong and brave. Someone still smiling, though they live a life that most of us could never imagine. I just came back from a crhristian camp. A camp I thought would have alot of teens that were just about like me, but even there I heard inspiring stories of survival, met amazing kids who have gone thru and are going through hell. Thier is so much need all around us.  PLEASE HELP ME PRAY FOR These kids. . 

The SHade Tree

Posted on June 18, 2013 at 1:02 AM Comments comments (150)
We dropped of a bunch of urgently needed items today to The Shade Tree Shelter! Lots of stuff Siena collected for the younger homeless kids. Socks, underwear, even diapers. Sun screen and bath stuff. What a sad but great place that is. It is hard to explain how you can feel sad and inspired at the same time, but you can. An overheated pregnant girl sitting in the lobby, rubbing her tummy  and cooling off. She was beautiful. She told me that the baby was kicking alot and she smiled! But she was so tired and her eyes so sad. Then some cops came in to talk to her. She is probably abused, I think. I am so inpsired that this place is here to take her in. To take in alot of moms and thier kids, babies to teens. But how sad also that they have to go here! Mixed emotions for sure. We will just keep helping and praying. It is all we can do.

Believe in Miracles

Posted on June 6, 2013 at 7:00 PM Comments comments (26)
BELIEVE! Who knows what you can accomplish, when you believe! This week has been full of incredible miracles. Thank you Patty's Closet, Thank you Atty. Bob Massi!  Thank you Creative Vision (Hugs KIM) So many generous people have reached out to us, to help us touch lives. We are
in Awe! We are  inspired, rejuvinated.  WE BELIEVE, we can do it. Join The Movement! You too, can believe in miracles!

collection partnerships:)

Posted on May 16, 2013 at 2:05 AM Comments comments (32)
We only need 11 more $5.00 fast food gift cards to make sure each of our graduating homeless teens have at least one in thier graduation gift basket! Consider helping:)  Thank you Diaz, Herrera and Rossi families!
We have just secured permission to market and take donations at ASMT Motivational Training North and East locations. Stand by for drop off bin locations here and hopefully all Patty's Closets around town also.
OUR BIGGEST NEWS! We have permission to place our PINK DONATION HOUSE at Rancho and Alexander, exact details to follow. now for the design of this PINK HOUSE! It's gotta be good.. Anyone with paint, construction or decorating ideas? So excited.

Overwhelmed with the donations! Thank you.

Posted on May 5, 2013 at 4:09 PM Comments comments (27)
We are so overwhelmed and excited by the response to our Summer Survivial Drive! Our bins were overflowing with bright colored flips flops and everything! Ellie and I will be taking the donations to Nevada partnership For HOmeless Youth next week. Still time if you want to donate:)
I was also so touched to have donations of emergency food and other stuff brought to me at my birthday party! THANK YOU DESTINIE, NICOLE,ELIIE, TAYLOR,Amelia,Alex, LYNDSAY, Juliana and EVAa! Your all such great friends, and teens that want to help teens. I love it and I love YOU! SO it looks like the drive for emergency food has a big jump in donations now too:)
Don't fortget Siena is still collecting hotel/sample size hygeine products for teens to fit into thier backpacks so they can clean up. and MESSAGE ME FOR THE PICK UP OF STYLISH HAND ME DOWNS! we have a good amout of clothes and shes but we need mroe, there are 6000 or more homeless teens that need to fit in. AND we are putting together Graduation gift baskets for the 20 homeless teens that are graduating from Rancho High next month! Still need fast food gift cards and I would LOVE to put something fun in there like  a movie ticket!


Posted on April 28, 2013 at 5:59 PM Comments comments (107)
So exciting. SET UP Fundraising pages for CATHOLIC CHARITIES and NEVADA PARNTERSHIP FOR HOMELESS YOUTH forTHE BIG GIVE... Have recieved $140 in direct cash donations. So, exciting. I am keeping those links going for a month and gonna try to get $1000 for each charity to help homeless and at risk youth. 
SUMMER SURVIVAL drive starts tomorrow and runs for a week. We need:
Sun Screen
Flip Flops
Refillable water bottles
Anything you want to donate that you feel would help homeless youth survive our hot summer.
email me to pick pick up. THank you, we REALLLLLLLLYYYYYYY want this drive to be successful. They need US.

CLOTHES NEEDED! William Fry Homeless Youth visit

Posted on April 11, 2013 at 11:39 AM Comments comments (90)
Yesterday Ellie and I along with my little sis Siena, and Michael, all brought in our donations we had collected to restock the kitchen at the William Fry Center on Shirley Street. First of all, Thank you everyone who donated! Secondly, that kitchen was pretty bare, and the teens hanging out there were happy to get into the new stock! Felt good.  The main thing I noticed was how most of the homeless teens there looked about like us, like a regular teen! Not like a street person. They do not want people to know they need help, they just want to fit in. So, when we
looked into the closet of clothes donations and saw just a few old jeans and some old people looking tops, beat up shoes, etc. We felt really sad. Erica told us that these teens would rather have nothing then to be seen in these clothes. They want to look like other teens. So, NEW MISSION.... Clean out your closet. We all have so many nice things and get more all the time. We are lucky! Message me or call, whatever, get me or Siena or Ellie, your bags of  COOL, STYLISH TEEN Clothes and shoes! NOW! Thank you:)