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Peer to peer support for homeless & at risk youth.

Teens Helping Teens


About Us


Savannah Prenger, Siena Prenger, Teens Helping Teens non profit in Las Vegas

Founded in 2012 by Siena & Savannah Prenger.When the duo learned that Nevada had one of the highest homeless teen populations in the country, they knew they had to do something to bring awareness to this mostly invisible issue and to help this demographic who were mostly falling through the cracks. They began with a city wide drive to collect urgently needed items to help these teens survive the elements, and to thrive in school. Their efforts drew massive media attention, legislator outreach, corporate supporters and teen volunteers who wanted to get involved. During THT's infancy relationships were fostered with school registrars, shelter directors, social workers, first responders and community leaders. These relationships continue to help THT identify teens in need and alerts them when a crisis is at hand. Over the last four years THT has grown into other states and strives to become a nationwide movement offering peer to peer support across the country. THT is now a nationally recognized 501 (c) (3) nonprofit organization, making your contributions tax deductible.

See video: Our work through Our NCL membership, a PERFECT example of Teens Helping Teens in real time! At The Miracle League.

Introducing NCL and YMSL Las Vegas!

Get a glimpse into the work of two top-notch charity leagues in Las Vegas - National Charity League, Las Vegas chapter and Young Men's Service League Las Vegas!

We believe that most people want to help, they just don't know how. We are here to make it easy.

300,000 Teens in LV

- 10,000 in various stages of homelessness


=290,000 Of us left to help

Do the Math!

The first and easiest way to help is to spread the word. The more people who know the urgent needs of our homeless and at risk , the faster we can lift them up and help them change their lives, or just to support them through a bad time. They need us.

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Visit our Wish List page, for urgent and ongoing needs. Or better yet, join us in our cause, change a life..